Types of video games - Hega Games

1.FPS (First Person Shooter)

This type of game belongs to the genre in which we look at the world of the game through the eyes of the character. These kinds of games, which we used to see on the PC platform in the past, are also preferred on consoles with the new generation. The ancestor of this genre is the production of ID Software named Wolfenstein. With Doom, we can say that he is at the top of the game world agenda. Today, Call of Duty and Battlefield are the most successful examples of this genre.

2.TPS (Third Person Shooter)

In such games, we see the whole body of our character. The game types that we control our character with a remote camera are called TPS. Example games for this type; GTA series, Metal Gear Solid series, God of War series and Assasin’s Creed series.

3.RPG (Role Playing Game)

It is the most comprehensive and detailed type of the game world. It allows us to make our character to the most detailed detail while starting the game. The decisions we make in the flow of games change the scenario of the games. In the new RPG genres we can even choose the dialogue ourselves. To give an example to these game types, the Witcher series that comes to our mind is the Skyrim series.

4.MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

The only thing that distinguishes MMORPG, which means "Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game", from RPG games is that it is played online with other players. This kind of games, which run after big masses, constantly renews itself and gives players different experiences. World of Warcraft is the cornerstone of this genre. The most played examples of Metin2, Knight Online and Silkroad MMORPG that are played in our country.

5.MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Although MOBA history is short, it is the most popular game type in recent years. Generally, it is a game type of five, in which two teams fight against each other. League of Legends is the most powerful game of this genre.

6. RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Establishing an economy and achieving military success in Real Time Strategy games is the main goal. The main examples of the type of game that you need to act in great detail and fast are the Age Of Empires series and the Starcraft series.

7.TBS (Turn Based Strategy)

Again, it is aimed to establish an economy like RTS, but as a difference, you make your moves in order. Games take too long, as a more tactical situation arises. Civilization and Total War series are examples of the TBS type.

8. Adventure

In short, they are adventure type games and this is probably one of the oldest genres. Such productions offer you how to unravel the mysteries when moving from adventure to adventure, while in an inexhaustible state, either with a worm in his pocket or an incredible move.

9. Simulation

It is a type of game that allows you to be a pilot from the bus driver, from the hospital manager to sell lemonade, and even you can goat and pour around. While thinking about everything that could be done, now there are new games coming up every day.