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What are 2020 Online Games? Which Game is More Popular? Which Games You Play on Computer You Can Play on Mobile?

There are approximately 1 billion players playing online games worldwide. Offline this number is almost in question. Games from small to large worldwide attract many people. If people are interested, a player plays for an average of 3 hours. Considering these factors, we have compiled games that you can play on Mobile and PC platform, where the number of players is high.

Black Desert Online

Our first game is Black Desert Online, which is said to be around 3 million active users worldwide.

Black Desert Online is a cut out three-dimensional game for MMORPG lovers. You can discover a huge universe with a character created entirely based on the player's choices. It is worth noting from the very beginning that it has a fast structure in terms of fighting system. There are also combinations of abilities in the combat system, where you can deal much more solid damage to the enemy.

Black Desert Online, which has a very lively atmosphere in terms of atmosphere, offers a variety of colors in terms of gameplay, leaving different effects on the players with the weather and climate features it contains. The characters in the game, which has a day and night cycle, can give responses that vary according to the clock, and sometimes this can trigger some activities.

You are in various houses from palaces that amaze with their visuality to the ruined tents in the depths of the forest. In Black Desert Online, we can live in these houses and decorate the houses as we wish. Not only that, we can recruit in-game characters, keep them clean, or shop at the market.

When we take a look at Black Desert Online from the outside, we encounter high image quality. The characters you create draw attention with their closeness to reality. In terms of the fighting system of the game, we can see that it has a very satisfactory structure in terms of realism. We can look forward to the fact that fortress wars are epic, and the trading system is as detailed as it is in the real world, and that the game is based on knowledge. The game can be accessed free of charge for the first 30 days and then you need to purchase a package to enter the game. The mobile version of the game can also be downloaded via the existing AppStore or Google Play.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Abbreviated as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the game has gained great momentum worldwide. It is a multiplayer video game released and developed by the Bluehole company. Players start the game inside an airplane and head to an island with a certain route, players jump off the plane at any time and land on any location of the island with their parachutes. The main purpose of the players is to try to be the last player without fighting and dying with various weapons they find from various places. During the game, the safe area on the island's map starts to shrink. As the map becomes smaller, players concentrate on a smaller area, making it easier to see and kill each other. The last surviving player / team in the game wins the game. You can log in and buy the game from the Steam platform or download the Mobile version from Google Play and AppStore.

Apex Legends

The second war game on our list, Apex Legends, managed to reach a large number of players in a short time with the glow in the game published by EA Games in 2019. In Apex Legends, 60 players fight by facing each other in teams of 3. Players need to collect their weapons and equipment and enter the fight after landing on the map. As we mentioned in PUBG, those who end up become the winners of this fight. A feature that distinguishes Apex Legends from the same style of games is that you can select and play characters with different abilities. These characters are called "Legend" and there are 8 different Legends in the game. Each character has tactical, ultimate and passive abilities. Legends are; It consists of 4 classes as Attack, Defense, Support and Discovery. The fact that Apex Legend is free is also among the factors that increase Apex appeal. You can download it on your "Origin" and join the fight.

Fortine Battle Royale

Designed by Epic Games, Fortnite is a fun game that brings many players together on the same platform. Shortly after its release, Fortnite was also impressed by the success of PUBG and added a fun mode called 'Battle Royale'. On this occasion, Fortnite entered the game world in a short time as a free and addictive game.

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