Game Platforms - Hega Games

Let's talk about the most known and preferred game platforms in this area.


Game Components

User Interface: Interface components such as menus, markers, dialog subtitles, where the player interacts with the game.

Graphics: It is a general name that is attached to the visual power of the game. It is a concept that includes visual components such as lighting, modeling, terrain, ambiance in the game.

Story: It is a component that contains the messages that are told in the game and intended to be given to the user. The stronger the stories, the higher the chances of the game to affect the player.

Storytelling and Atmosphere: It doesn't make much sense if the story cannot be told well no matter how good it is, if it cannot be put into the player's heart. Sound, model, terrain, animations, ambiance, and even the user interface have a huge impact to strengthen storytelling.

Scenario: The scenario is a more detailed version of the story, each detail has been edited and dialogs prepared.

Music: Music is one of the most effective tools for storytelling and emotional bonding with the player. There are games that can only play an average story with tears to the player with good music. (I will not name it